strategy, research, UX and UI design
Playful design for a game jam platform with career boosting briefs set by global games companies.
Made for Into Games.

User research

Through collaboration with the CEO of Into Games, a research strategy was developed. We set out to discover more about young games makers and what they might expect from a game jam platform through a series of short interviews and a wide reaching survey.

We also spoke to Games Studios to discover their jam hosting needs.

Maker Personas and Scenarios

From the user research two primary 'Maker' personas were created.
A third 'Jam Host' persona was created to guide the design of the Jam page and judging system.
Chris' first journey
Chris discovers the Ubisoft Game Jam on social media. This piques his interest and he clicks the link to view the Jam page on Jamma.
Check out the Game jam
What's the brief, what's the prize? Any requirements I need to know?
Find a collaborator
What's the community like? Can I invite one of my friends to collaborate?
Submit the entry
What happens next? How will i know if I've won?
Vote on other entries
How does voting work and will this impact on the winners?
Sara's first journey
Sara is sent a link to Jamma by an online friend. She checks out the website to see what kind of jams they have and what kind of support they offer for her?
Check out Jamma
What kind of game jams do they run? Where do I even start?
Check out help for beginners
How do the jams work? Anything for me to up my skills? How can I dip a toe without committing?
Check out the Discord
Maybe there are other people like me in the community?
Try a Warmup
Can I build my skills with this? Can I get feedback from peers?

Mobile first UX

Mobile journeys for both makers and jam hosts were initially sketched, then created as clickable Figma prototypes.
Designing the core features
Jam briefs
Journey prototype for joining a jam > submitting an entry > awarding the prize

  • Hosts can add video content
  • A countdown to launch and awards creates anticipation and sets expectation.
  • Full details on how to enter, Rules, Prizes and judges split between tabbed content
Discord integration
Discord integration was key for community building and connecting makers to collaborate.

  • Specific servers for each jam
  • Q and A with jam host
  • Specific channels for collaboration shout outs.
  • No. people in the discord server creates a sense of not wanting to miss out.
Support for newbies
Video and article content for less confident / inexperienced makers.

  • How Game jams work
  • Collaboration tips
  • Ideation tips
Warmups and prompts
Various levels of activities across all skill areas to help makers get going before a jam or upskill themselves

  • Warmups to develop skills
  • Prompts to inspire ideas

Playful UI design

Teamed up with Rebecca Bailey to develop the UI visual style and Figma design system, based on the earlier brand concept and visual language we developed.

Design system
A living style guide was created in Figma for all states and variations of components.
Related project
Brand and visual language for game jam platform
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