About me
Hello, I'm Emma. A UX and interaction designer with 15 years experience working in digital.

I'm a creative visual thinker passionate about pushing edges and using technology in unexpected ways.

Recently I spent 7 years running an innovation lab making prototypes and MVPs for global brands and agencies, product companies and entrepreneurs across Arts, Edtech, Healthcare, Fintech and Entertainment.

The world is changing
In this fast paced world we need to break out of old models and adapt our ways of working. We need to think differently in order to fully explore and invent something truly new and amazing.

Thinking like an entrepreneur
Blending strategy and approaches adapted from design thinking and lean startup, or invented in my own creative practice I have developed 6 strategies for innovation.

Playing and making like an artist
I recently became a resident at Fusebox immersive labs in Brighton, UK exploring experience design, storytelling and games in VR, AR and IoT. I also write stories and make comics.
Emma has consistently delivered great advice and results during the year we have been working together. She is particularly good at offering suggestions which take our research into new directions.
— Darren Abrahams
My creative approach
Curious and connected
Curious and interested in people, anything and everything. Seeking new information and following the thread.
Lean and loopy
Always start small.Everything is an experiment. Make it to try it. Fail? Learn, adjust and go again.
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