Brand concept and visual language
Collaboration with Rebecca Bailey to develop the brand identity and visual language for a game jam platform.

Project developed for Into Games
The concept and story

Visual identity

The Ball and the J play together. Their favourite game is hide and seek in the playful world of Jamma.

colour system

Colour palette

A playful set of colours add further dimension to the story.
Dark blue and off white act as the base. Red represents content created by Jamma, Blue for the makers and acid yellow used sparingly to draw attention where required.

designing the visual language

Supporting cast

The J and ball were dissected, and with the addition of a triangle create a spectrum of shapes as the foundational playful language.
Foundation shapes used as background images give a flavour to the 4 core offerings
  • Jams
    Participate in jams hosted by Global Games Companies
  • Careers
    Win career boosting prizes
  • Warmups
    Inspiring content to warm up those creative muscles
  • Community
    Join the community and collaborate with others
The ball plays with shape combinations to represent the core Jamma principles.
  • Experiment & play
  • Collaborate & learn
  • Play on a level field
  • Jam with your heroes
Bounce line
The ball can often be found just off screen.
Used for stepped 'How to' content, or to lead the eye off the page.
badge design

The Awards

No game jam platform would be complete without badges to represent jam achievements.Inspired by pyramids and world building / other worlds.
  • Big Shot
    Second prize awarded in a Jam
  • Boss Level
    Top prize awarded in a jam
  • Off Planet
    Awarded to an individual by Jamma for outstanding work
icon design

Jam identification

Icons were created to help participants quickly identify
the entry requirements for different types of jams
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