concept, art direction, interaction design
Uncle Jerry's brain
Help Jerry find his favourite reading material to discover the clue and claim a reward. Made as part of The Inheritance Game.

The Character

This mischeivous old boy was involved in an almost fatal accident 50 years ago, all that's left is his brain and eyeballs. He's been in the jar for a long time and wants help to relieve his boredom.
installation design

Bringing life to a brain

In order to make players feel like they are really communicating with a fake brain in jar, Jerry was brought to life using hidden sensor and speaker technologies.

How it works
Snoring sound
A hidden speaker draws players to a mysterious object draped in a black cloth.
Jerry wakes up
Removing the cloth activates a light sensor and wakes Jerry from his slumber.
Find Jerry's book
Jerry's audio instructions guides players to find various books and place them on his bookstand. Positive or negative audio responses are triggered by hidden sensors.
Recieve the clue
The ultimate clue is revealed by Jerry when his favourite reading material is placed on the bookstand.

Jerry's instructions

A carefully crafted set of instructions were recorded in Jerry's voice and assigned to specific books. Jerry's mischievousness nature initially guides players down the wrong path, but ultimately the correct book reveals both a reward and another side to Jerry he has kept secret for a long time!


The set up

5 more haunted objects were created as part of this immersive game. See the related project below:
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