self-Initiated PROJECT
The Inheritance Game
A PoC for a game-like Halloween experience.
Made in collaboration with Paul Hayes, Escape Room wizard.
How might I adapt my UX skills to co-design a live game experience with interactive props?

A mysterious Invitation

A group of 10 strangers receive a mysterious invitation in the post. A bizarre, rich and distant relative unknown to them has popped his clogs. As a named beneficiary, they are invited to the reading of the Will on Halloween weekend.

The ancestral home

The space is staged as a long disused Ancestral home, somewhat reminiscent of the Addams family. Dust sheets cover the furniture, and a pair of smoking slippers lies where the deceased self-combusted during his morning transcendental meditation.

Low level lighting reveals amusing remnants of previous family inhabitants, and a curated collection of bizarrely labelled artefacts.
the welcome

Onboarding from beyond the grave

Mounted on the wall in one corner of the room is a ridiculously oversized 'Last Will and Testament'. Each guest is named, but further information is missing. A pre-recorded audio message of the deceased is played by the family lawyer, revealing the game the guests must compete to win the fortune.
the game

The curious will be rewarded

Clues to gaining points on the Will are hidden among the space and objects within. Guests are invited to explore and play.
the props and rewards

Creating moments of magic

A mix of individual and collaborative sensory puzzles to solve. Technology was hidden or disguised to create illusions and a feeling of ghostly sentience.
Uncle Jerry's Brain
Involved in an almost fatal accident 50 years ago, all that's left is his brain and eyeballs. He's been in the jar for a long time and wants help to relieve his boredom.

Follow his instructions and discover the reward.

Hand of Vladimir
An altar depicted with a two eyed cat and strange symbols. Directly in front there is a gap where something should live.

Find the missing object and uncover the clue.
Ghost of Great Aunt Bertha
Great Aunt Bertha just won't go away. She's been trapped in the wall for 300 years now. Listen carefully for the occasional knock.

Take the time to communicate with her, and she will reveal her dark secret.
Haunted Portrait
Among the many strange family portraits scattered around the space one holds a secret.

Examine carefully and do what is required.

Whispering Hat
Amongst the deceased's collection of hats from around the world, hides a secret mission.

Listen and follow. All will be revealed.
God of Debauchery
A tribal mask hangs on the wall. Strange symbols on the floor and adjacent wall.

Strange body movements are required to reveal the dark words of wisdom.

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