Co-author and designer
Machine for Dying
An experimental Blockchain Art collection inspired by the dark side of industrialisation, consumerism and corporate greed.

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
A trapped worker toils away endlessly in their diorama. Each one part of a production line system manufacturing 'Floob'.
The concept and story


The social media accounts and website might lead you to believe that its great to work at Korgon. The employees seem happy. Perhaps too happy? There are rumours that the secret recipe for Floob contains biological substances of dubious origin.

Take a peep inside this sinister corporation and the mysterious scenes, strange substances, rhythmical animations and oppressive sounds begin to give clues.

designing the system

Designing the Factory

6 departments each with their own part to play in the manufacturing process: Executive, Lab, Factory, Mining, Processing, Logistics.

A hidden pyramid system was designed to connect the departments, allowing substances to be passed through the machines.

Designing the Machines

Each machine was designed as it's own mini system of interchangeable building blocks with variations and states. This allowed the developers to play with combinations and along with colour, pattern and character variety, achieve the huge number of unique variations required.
idea exploraton

Collaborative exploration

Combining Business Model Canvas with World Building ideation, I invented a 'Creative Exploration' canvas to allow the creative team and NFT specialists to explore key aspects of the idea both individually and together.
A rich and descriptive catalyst statement was created describing the concept and experience.

Inspired by Lean Startup methodologies, key words and phrases were highlighted to provoke and inspire divergent thinking.
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