DESIgn fiction
Grow 'n' Glow

A machine for co-evolving mutualism, connecting living systems in urban environments. Invented in collaboration with Anna Bertmark, as a side project of her MA in Sustainable Design.
How might we design a provocative fictional machine for recycling human hair and nails and at the same time help people understand they are connected to life giving systems?

Provocation through design

We set out to develop a concept that utilised artistic license and humour to challenge, provoke and instigate conversations around the subject matter.

After a collaborative ideation and sketching session, I created the following drawings to illustrate the fictional machine's features, functions and benefits.

Exploration outputs

Product Advert

Fake advert selling the concept, values and benefits
Exploration outputs

Machine Functionality

Diagram explaining the built in technology and features
interaction Design

How the Manicure Works

A 6 panel comic to explain the manicure and reward process
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